Teacher Tidbits


Photo Courtesy of Kevin Kendro

UHS athletic director, Kevin Kendro poses for wedding pictures with his wife.

Kendro got married over the summer on June 29th, to Jenn Thackston, now Jenn Kendro.  Mrs. Kendro is a coach and physical education teacher at Governor Thomas Johnson High School.  The two spent their honeymoon in Greece where they visited Athens, Mykonos, and Satroni.  Many congratulations go out to this newlywed couple from all of us at the HawkEye.

While not every teacher gets married over the summer, other exciting things have happened.  For the secretary in the front office, Rose Linares, her exciting bit of news comes in the form of four adorable hamsters.  Mrs. Linares has four very friendly hamsters all in three separate habitats that just are not getting enough attention at her home.  There is a brown one named Buttercup, a cream and white one named Nibbles, and then two Chinese twin dwarfs named Sugar and Spice.

She has decided to give the habitats and the hamsters away to people who are willing to give them a new home and show the hamsters some much deserved tender love and care.  Sugar and Spice are both a little shyer than Buttercup or Nibbles, but they are all very friendly and love to be played with when they are awake and active.  So if anyone is looking for a new little pet at home, Linares should be your very first stop.