Urbana’s Fight For Spirt

Competition to See Which Class Had the Most School Sprit

Tally board in hallway shows up to date scores of each class. Points can be earned throughout the year.
Samantha Kellogg
Tally board in hallway shows up to date scores of each class. Points can be earned throughout the year.


School Spirit Wars is an invention of English teacher Stephen Ward, Social Studies teacher Matthew Ferrante, and the 1Urbana club members. It will be held throughout the school year, with each grade competing against one another in order to be the winning class of the 2014-2015 school year.

Ward said, “I hope that there’s a renewed interest in school spirit and the overall culture of the building”.

The purpose is simply to get the students at Urbana High School to take pride in not only the school but also in their class. School Spirit Wars will be separated into three categories; Audience, School Spirit Event and Charities/Missions.

In order to earn points for the Audience category, when students are at a “Spirit War Night”, or a selected performing arts or sport event, there will be a table called “1Urbana Spirit War” where students go check in with what grade they are in. When the students check in they will be added to their grade level’s total. The class with the most students attending will receive the same number of points as the number of students in that class that checked in at that event. To find out which events will be a part of “Spirit War Night” pay attention to the morning or afterschool announcements.

The School Spirit Events category will be your classic school spirit activities like school dress up days, and homecoming pep rally events. Points will be awarded by the class with the most students participating, 400 points for 1st place, 300 points for 2nd place and so forth.

Lastly for mission/charity, there will be activities and fundraisers held throughout the school year focused on Pediatric Cancer Research, for example the Mini-Thon being held in March. During these events, the 1Urbana club will be raising money and the class that helps bring in the most money for each event will win the points which are awarded just like School Spirit Events.

The winning grade level will receive a trophy, bragging rights and banner hung up in the school saying who the best class of 2014-2015 is. In order to see where your grade level stands, make sure to check the total board outside of the Guidance Office.