School Begins to Lock Doors at 7:25AM

Samuel Safdari

7 25 Door Policy
Kyle Orens

Signs now line the side doors in order in order to warn students that they must go to their classes on time.

Many students arrived on the first day of school expecting to come in like they usually had, to walk in through the gym, drop off their things in the locker room if they had to, and go to class like they always did. However, on that first day of school, many students were surprised by a new rule: the gym doors and auditorium doors would be locked by 7:25. Not only that, but students would also be required to arrive by 7:45 in order to be allowed to participate in any after school activities.

These new policies are the result of the School Culture Policy Committee’s efforts to try and make the school run more efficiently. The majority of referrals in Urbana High don’t come from drugs or cheating or violence or gangs but from being late. These idea for these changes have been in the works since the end of the last school year. In an attempt to fix our lateness problem, the committee decided to implement these policies at the beginning of this school year.

“Students have a responsibility to come on time [and be] in class and in their seat by 7:30,” said Assistant Principal Jack Sclar.

Sclar is on the Student Culture Policy and is an ardent supporter of the new policy changes. He was also among the administrators who spread the information to the student population by going from class to class and explaining the new changes.

Sclar was also quick to say that “all the information is in the handbook,” referring to the first pages of the book which cover student policies and information.

However, not all the students are as enthusiastic about the new changes as the School Culture Policy Committee would have hoped. Many students who have been locked out have been quick to complain about this new gym lock policy.

“The policy is backfiring. There are always going to be kids that are late, and you are just making them more late by making them walk around to the main entrance,” said senior Jake Galloway. When asked about not being able to participate in after-school activities if late, he said “It was fine. It’s not a problem for me, but most of the sports teams are really upset about it.” He continued to say that most of the sports teams were upset that they have to come in before 7:45 when regular students are not.

Tyler Scholz, a player on the varsity basketball team often parks in the gym parking lot. He regrets the new policy changes, especially since they affect him so profoundly. He pointed out that both policies “mainly affected athletes” since most athletes drop off their things in the locker room in the morning, and are cut off from their entranceway through the gym earlier than normal. And also, he felt that the new policies restricted many students’ freedoms by punishing those who participate in activities, since band members who come in through the auditorium are also affected.”

However, not a single member of the football team has arrived late enough to warrant them not being able to practice that day. So, clearly the policy being put into effect is working, for now. As to whether or not either policy will continue to be as effective, only time will tell.