Do You Have Your License Yet? No? Here’s what UHS students thought of the delay.

The quarantine made getting your driver’s license harder than ever

Do You Have Your License Yet? No? Heres what UHS students thought of the delay.

Madison Moran, Reporter

Due to the Coronavirus, the United States experienced huge delays in many different areas of life. Everything was changed and much harder to go or do anything because we were in quarantine. One place being affected was the MVA. It was difficult to even contact the MVA during quarantine because of all the suspended licenses, new drivers and more. Those who were scheduled to take their driver’s test and or other licensing tests during quarantine faced a major delay. A lot of my appointments that I had made kept getting pushed back because of how busy they were.

Other students that were interviewed claimed they enjoyed the delay and used it to their advantage.  Senior Christine Moreno explained that she had “the advantage of getting in more driving time with my mom and the roads being less crowded.” Senior Arvin Torabazari said he enjoyed the delay because “my parents were home more and I had more free time so I could practice driving more.” The students explained that practicing on the roads during this time was a lot easier and more convenient because there weren’t as many people on the roads.

There were ups and downs to the dilemma, the downs being students were having to wait months to schedule anything and having to face the dangers of the virus. On the positive side, students had more time to practice, a more stress-free practice on the road, and more time in general.

Did the delay affect you, and did you use it to your advantage or let it discourage you?