Young Author’s Contest School-Level Winners Announced


Photo courtesy of Google Images.

Francesca Testen, In-Focus Editor

Every year, Urbana High School is one of many Frederick County schools to participate in the
SoMIRAC Young Authors’ Contest, which is held across the state of Maryland. Each school will select two winners per grade: one for a poetry submission and one for a short story submission.

The winners for the 2017-2018 Young Authors’ Contest are
• 9th grade poem: Celeste Batiste
• 9th grade short story: Emma Liu
• 10th grade poem: Shannon Sinnicki
• 10th grade short story: Lilliana Resnick
• 11th grade poem: Abigail Crosby
• 11th grade short story: Tzu Chao Huang
• 12th grade poem: Francesca Testen
• 12th grade short story: Karly McQuay

These submissions will move onto the county level, where they will be judged alongside hundreds of others from Frederick County.