Hallway Clocks for Hawks

Anusha Patel

Every single classroom in Urbana High School has a clock on the wall, whether it’s a digital clock or an analog clock. The hallways, on the other hand, do not. The phones that students use to check the time with are normally two minutes ahead as well. So with this in mind, tardiness becomes a constant issue for students. Personally, I wish we had clocks in the hallway. It would make going from class to class much easier, and I wouldn’t have to worry about being late.

Ajay Kumar, freshman, said, “I always looked around for clocks but I didn’t see them.” Many students coming in from the middle school are used to having clocks in the hallway. They depended on clocks for the time, so that they would not be tardy to class. I found it very difficult to adjust to no clocks in the hallways when I came from middle school. I typically had to estimate the time, which made me nervous because I did not want to be late to class.

Dean Foster and Matthew Fairbanks both had the same opinion on hallway clocks. Fairbanks said, “I would be earlier to classes than later. I normally come close the bell. Clocks would make it easier.” Having clocks in the hallways could definitely benefit the students, simply because it helps them keep track of time.

Katie McKee, senior, had an opposing opinion that also arose from the question as to whether clocks would truly be helpful or not. She said, “I don’t really think so. It would sort of cause a distraction, because then people can linger longer in the hallways if they notice that they have a few minutes left until the bell rings.” Many students tend to hang around in the hallways and talk to friends, causing them to be late to class.

Chris Staub, Spanish teacher, said, “Clock’s definitely wouldn’t hurt. If you aren’t looking at your phone, and there is an absence of clocks, you really have no concept of time, but students are often late because they’re out in the hallways talking to friends.” Clocks definitely could help in the hallways, simply because they help us keep track of time.

Sarah Meyer, senior, said, “I think we should have clocks, because I panic when I don’t know how much time I have. So I run to class and end up looking like an idiot.” Many students rush to class in fear of being late because they are not exactly sure of how much time they have left.

Clocks in the school hallways could be beneficial for students and having them would be a more efficient way to prevent tardiness among the student body.