The Beginning of the End


Sierra Steigner

As a senior of the graduating class of 2014, when I started this final year of high school it was hard to believe that as every midterm and semester will pass, we are all brought one step closer to finishing an old familiar book and opening our minds to the adult world.

It is safe to say that a lot of my fellow seniors find the idea of transitioning into life after high school both exciting and scary. Having gone to the same middle schools and perhaps even elementary schools some students are saddened by the idea of leaving all the familiar faces. While on the other hand, some seniors are ready to go anticipating new adventures and opportunities to meet new people and experience new things.

Some know exactly what they want to pursue while others have absolutely no idea. Both are fine! We are all on journeys to find ourselves and though our decisions now may impact our future, they do not define it. Changing your mind later on is perfectly normal so don’t feel too pressured to make a decision.

A lot of the people that we, as seniors, have come to know through school will be spread all throughout the country come next fall but if you did want to keep in touch we are privileged with technology. Social media can help everyone keep in touch with anyone whether they stay here in Maryland, go across the country, or even across the world. With this convenient means of communication reunions are made possible so you and your closest friends can meet up during the school year.

In elementary school we all laughed together, in middle school we broke apart into groups, but now as our adolescence comes to a close it seems as though we are all on our own. We are all chasing dreams and rising to the occasion of starting our own lives.

With severe cases of old fashioned senioritis we long for that final page! Searching for the motivation at the bottom of our backpacks we are battling it through every day. Each college application seems like an adventure waiting just beyond the line of sight. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but soon enough we will be practicing in those caps and gowns!

If only soon enough was sooner.