The Big Question: How Do You Do It?

Rachael McDonald

What would happen if the girls asked the guys to homecoming? Would the standards still be kept as high as they are now?                                                           Homecoming is the best time of the year for most students in school; for the seniors it is one of their last chances to really enjoy high school for what it is meant to be: fun and alive. But for now, the guys in this school are set up to be though as the prince-charming that every girl wants them to be. Standards have been set so high, it is almost as if they are proposing to girls to get them to attend homecoming with them.

Even though the high expectations are a little crazy, what girl doesn’t want their special guy to get her flowers and ask her in front of the whole school? Through the years guys have made banners, made t-shirts, sung songs, and even painted their bodies just to ask their special girl to homecoming. Some of these intricate schemes include:

  • Writing homecoming on chalk boards
  • Designing scavenger hunts
  • Making cupcakes that say “Homecoming”
  • “Wanted” posters with a girls face on them all over the school
  • Playing dead and said “I’m dying to go to homecoming with you,” in the middle of the hallway
  • Candy on desks spelling out homecoming
  • Lawn decorations spelling out homecoming
  • Balloons saying homecoming
  • Starbucks with homecoming on them
  • Sushi spelling homecoming out
  • Fake detentions and parking tickets saying homecoming
  • Engraving homecoming on pencils
  • Making a YouTube video to ask them to homecoming
  • Magic tricks mystically asking them to homecoming
  • Surprise dinner at a restaurant
  • Simply asking them in person
  • Love notes and simple acts of romantic gestures
  • Surprises planned with their family for homecoming
  • Homecoming pumpkins
  • Putting homecoming on a pizza
  • Having a Rubik’s cube with homecoming on the squares, they would solve for their date
  • Photo collages illustrating the ask to homecoming

“Embarrassing is the best kind [of ways to ask]. It’s funnier to see other people being asked because that way no one will ask me that way,” said Sierra Steigner.

The real question guys face today, is if you are already in a relationship, do you still have to ask your girlfriend to homecoming? It all depends on the girl and how long you have been together. But, most girls just like seeing their men get up the courage to put on a big show of affection for them, even if it is already assumed that you will go together.

Being asked to homecoming is one of the best moments of your high school memories, and the boys who do make a big deal out of it get major credit for the way they do it.

I walked into my photography class the other day, and my boyfriend stood with a whole backdrop of pictures spelling out homecoming with him in them, and a poster above it that said “can you picture us at.” This was the first time I had ever really been asked to homecoming in a grand gesture. I was tickled pink and he was smiling incredulously.

The whole thing was wonderful and I am so glad that it happened. I will remember that for the rest of my life.

So all in all, guys ask politely, whether you do it with flowers or just straight up get the courage to ask, do it! And be happy even if she says no, and have a good time at homecoming anyways.