United Urbana, United Nation

Maria Reyes, Assistant Managing Editor, Opinions Editor, Web Editor

by Maria Reyes Pacheco

Unity is one of our core values at Urbana High School. Unity means acting as a unit that supports each other and works together. But, how can 18,000 under one school have unity? We don’t all agree on everything and we are all different. It is, however, the small triumphs we have that bring us together.

Our country is no different. We don’t all know each other or even see each other. We all disagree on football, rights, and money. But, when we face a struggle we all share the pain and the burden.

On Monday, Oct. 2, Americans fell upon a struggle that ended in pain for many. A country-music festival in Las Vegas turned into a massacre after Stephen Paddock opened fire. He killed 59 people and injured 527 people, making it the worst mass killing in 50 years.

At The Hawkeye’s press time, the motivation behind the killing is unknown. Paddock had shown no strong political or religious views. He was a gambler but showed no concerns according to the FBI. Mr. Yazzie, was one of the many who witnessed the horrifying event. “People were jumping over fences, trying to take cover. People were trying to break into buildings trying to get to safety. Glass was shattering,” Mr. Yazzie was quoted in the October 3 issue of The Wall Street Journal.

Imagine being there. Like many, you couldn’t imagine any danger or reason to be anxious. Fans went expecting a festive and fun concert. All of a sudden you hear firecrackers. It’s a festival with around 22,00 people and its seems normal . But then you hear the screams. You see people running and you are trying to find out why. Then you begin to piece it all together and your legs run before your mind thinks of anything. People are falling and the shots are loud and near. All you can think of is to grab your sister or brother and run.

It true that it’s hard to feel anything but pain after such a shaking tragedy. 16 years ago, Americans faced a similar blow that left a deep scar. On Sept. 11, 2001 a plane crashed into the Twin Towers in New York. This terrorist attack killed 2,996 people. But that day brought Americans closer. That day Americans cried on each other’s shoulder and together we healed and grew stronger.

If we go back to April 20th ,1999 we hear the cries of another wound in our history. At Columbine High School, 13 people were shot and 24 injured when two students opened fire. In videos, students are seen crying and hugging in hopes of comfort. The high school is still open and they never forget about the tragedy which shook their school.  However, they still grow and prosper together.

America’s history is full of wounds and pain. However, we still stand. Through each tear and cry of pain we have come together. So let the death of these 59 people not be in vain. Let it bring unity to our community and our nation. We as Urbana Hawks stand together, united, and remember the lives that passed at the Las Vegas shooting.