3 Reasons You Should See the New Disney Aladdin Movie


Alyssa, Reporter

Since the remake of Disney’s Aladdin came out in theaters on Friday, May 24th, people have been lining up to see if this movie does the animated version justice. Disney went above and beyond and the whole movie was like a work of art. From the graphics to the actors, you can tell that this movie is the start of a new era in Disney. If you  considering seeing Aladdin, I would strongly suggest you to see this movie; you will not regret it. Here are three reasons why you should see this movie.

  1. It’s For Any Age

The new remake of Aladdin is definitely a movie to see with the family. The movie is rated PG, so even younger kids can see the magical world of a princess, a thief, and a genie. Eric Eisenberg, a movie critic from the company Cinema Blend, says the movie has ”fun energy and charm” that people of all ages will enjoy.

  1. The movie takes you back to your Childhood

As said before, this new Disney movie is a remake of the older movie Aladdin that came out in 1992. The main difference is that this movie uses video graphics along with on-screen actors, whereas the original movie was a completely animated musical fantasy. The remake of Aladdin ”brings the story to life”  in the most amazing ways, said Matthew Ferrante, a teacher at UHS.

  1. The Graphics are Amazing

The graphics in the movie completely blew me away. It is clear that a lot of time, effort, and money was put into the making of this production. The scenery of the city of Agrabah is so beautiful and realistic that it seems as though you are there with the actors. One scene that stands out to Sarah Goodrich, a previous student at UHS,  is a musical scene featuring the Genie and Aladdin. “It has always been my favorite scene and the mixture of real characters and animation made me love it even more v ” Goodrich commented. The CGI animation of characters such as the Genie add to the wow factor of the movie. Aladdin shows how much Disney and technology has improved since the original version came out. Trust me, you will fall in love with the movie after you see it.