Which is more important: Talent or Hard Work?


Niki Dashtban, Reporter

Talent is a natural quality that provides the ability to achieve goals. Having talent is great, but it is pointless if it is not worked with. No one can expect to grow their talent by watching Netflix all day long. Just because you have talent does not mean you can become a star instantly.

Talent is a great asset to have, but it can only carry you so far. It is the hard work put into a specific field that counts. If one is not willing to put in the work to become successful and only relies on their talent, the talent will be futile. Hard work and dedication will win over talent any day. Talent gives you a head start, but it is the hard work that pushes you to success.

Having talent is great, however, you can have the greatest voice in the world, but never succeed if you do not put in the necessary work everyday. Hard work is important in life. Hard work will beat talent as long as talent does not work hard. Talent will never be enough because hard work leads talent in the long run. Having talent does not do anything. You need to apply the talent and work hard to make it grow.

Those who are successful are the ones who push themselves the hardest not the ones who rely on their natural talent. Students in Urbana agree too, “When I study hard, I usually get better test scores.” one student said. “When you work hard towards something, the results are always better. Plus it also makes you feel great about yourself too.” another student said.

So which is more important? Is it talent or is it hard work? There is no real answer–you’ll have to decide that for yourself.