Here’s what you missed- Homecoming 2021 a review


Preeya Trivedi, Reporter

     From why did the fire alarm go off to if they served food? This quick rundown will answer all your questions about homecoming week and night.

     Homecoming week started on the 20th of September. Urbana High school showed their spirit throughout the week. Monday pajama day, Tuesday decades day, Wednesday jersey day, Thursday hat/decorated mask day, and Friday Class color day (Freshman white, sophomores grey, juniors navy, and seniors tie-dye). However school was canceled on Thursday due to flooding.  Senior sunrise started at 6:30 on the 24th. Later during the fourth period there was a prep rally. A few games such as student vs teacher tug a war where played. Cheer and poms did a short performance. The school also showcased Junior Varsity and Varsity teams.  Friday had a 3.5 hour early dismissal ending the school day at 10:45. The Homecoming game Kick-off started at 6:30 pm.  The student section was packed and showed a lot of pride. Unfortunately Urbana lost against the Clarksburg Coyotes. 

       Now onto the main event the homecoming dance from 7pm- 10pm on Saturday, September 25th.Tickets cost $20. A form with guidelines was sent out and was to be returned with the receipt by 8 am on Friday 24th the day before the dance. A limited number of students were allowed.  “Only students on the guest list will be admitted. NOTE:  Students may not resell their tickets to other students” Mr. Hombach expresses this in a schoology post. Before the dance most students ate dinner at restaurants in Urbana like Magina e Bevi or in downtown Frederick. At the main entrance there were multiple lines in order to get in the dance. If you turned in the receipt and form then your name should be on the list. Once it’s your turn you just had to say your last name.  After entering students could go upstairs to play games such as uno or they could stay near the entrance and grab a snack. Some students went straight to the photo booth to take pictures before their hair got all messed up. 

        Urbana high school hired a DJ.  Popular songs by artists like Taylor Swift, Cardi B, and more played.  Several people agree that after Bohemian Rhapsody played the music choice went down hill. In a survey UHS students were asked if they danced at all. The results showed that 40% did . Inside the cafeteria is where a makeshift dance floor was where the DJ was set up. The cafeteria had similar decor to the rest of the building. There were also different colored lights and a fog machine that was the cause of some issues. At first there was speculation that a student got bored and pulled the alarm to cause pandemonium.  It makes more sense that it was the smoke machine considering that it was turned off. Students in the cafeteria were ushered to the outside area. Eventually they were allowed back in after about fifteen minutes. Nineteen out of twenty students agreed the worst part of the night was having to wait outside. A few students left after that and some stayed outside where they could play the popular game cornhole or sit down for a break and eat some snacks. The snacks included food in bags like Doritos and mini water bottles.  

      The DJ ended the night with a slow song. The staff already started taking decorations down in the hallway. Traffic wasn’t too bad since most cars pooled or left early. Some students went to after parties and some had a sleepover or went straight home.  In the end I doubt I would go again.  I had a surprisingly okay time at the dance and homecoming week definitely spices up life (my favorite part being the early dismissal)  but it’s better to have this one time experience happen once.  Hope this review caught you up and you’ll consider it when thinking of going next year.