French Fries vs. Tater Tots

Sarah Seo, Reporter

Image from Kitchen Guides Palmer, A. (2023, February 23). Tater Tots vs French fries: Which side are you on? Retrieved February 28, 2023, from

The decision between frenchfries and tater tots, both from one of the most versatile starchy root vegetables; potatoes. They are packed with vitamin c, carbohydrates, potassium, protein, and fiber which is good for the body. Potatoes are able to be processed and made into a variety of dishes and food, french fries being one of the biggest forms of potatoes to be exported. According to the National Potato Council, french fries are 57% of the potatoes exported.

The students of Urbana High School gave their opinion about the debate. French fries said Roshna Vijayan (11), “because fries can come as waffle or crinkle cut which are the best kind.” Eli Zhou, a senior, agrees and states that their “favorite is waffle fries” and “unlike tater tots, the variety makes it more interesting each time.” Students who preferred french fries mainly mentioned the variety it has to offer, the top choices being the waffle fries from Chick-fil-A and fries from McDonald’s. In the poll taken by some students, most who chose french fries over tater tots had no reason other than the fact they state that it is better. 

Those who disagreed are in favor of tater tots and had to say that french fries are inconsistent with only some places making them correctly and can be too salty at times. Lauren Broder argues that she would choose tater tots over french fries due to them being uncommon on menus in fast food restaurants. Emily Seo, a freshman, had a very creative response to their preference for tater tots stating, “Tater tots are scrumptious, crunchy greaseballs that melt in my mouth. I love tater tots, while fries can be soggy or too salty, tater tots are always perfect.” Other students that have anonymously submitted their opinion on the poll had to say that tater tots allow for more sauce when dipped other than fries where you have to grab multiple.

Based on the poll french fries wins with the big lead of 65% and tots at 35%. While french fries win by the majority, tater tots seem to be an acquired taste. Some students go as far as to say that french fries can never beat tater tots.

In my personal opinion, it is tater tots as it is not hard to get them wrong. With french fries, it depends on where you get them, the flavors can vary pretty drastically. Tater tots have the loyal taste of always being consistent as long as you cook them correctly. At times though some types of french fries will always beat my decision between the two; simile fries. A nostalgic menu item from my elementary school lunch that would always be popular with the kids. If you never had them the best way to describe them would be fried mashed potato. With a crispy outer layer that kept the shape of the smiles, but when biting into them it has a soft smooth texture.

With all differences aside it can show how versatile the potato can be used. In some way shape or texture, it can be loved by all and eaten any time of day.