Teacher Spotlight

Skylar cox, reporter



When wondering what to do for an article I immediately thought of doing something with the teachers. But what was I supposed to do? I chose a  teacher spotlight ; I went and asked a few of my friends who their favorite teachers were and all they said was Mr. Friedland and Mr. Piavis. I will say Mr.Blazer was up there but i didn’t get enough time to interview him so that’s another time.  

      Mr. Friendland is a very funny and nice teacher. He loves soccer and I mean gets hype in the class. He also is the leader for the ping pong club in the school,so go and check that out and see if you like it! When able to get a hold and interview Mr. Friedland he answered a few questions. “What are your goals as a teacher?” He responded with “ Just be the best teacher I can be and have a class where students learn a lot and enjoy learning.” Many students can back him up and say he does give that fun learning environment. “Where is your dream place to live” was another question asked and Mr. Friedland responded with “I like living in Frederick but i would love to live in cape town Africa where i studied abroad.” When I got told this it was a really interesting thing to know about him and enjoyed learning something really cool about him. Mr. Friendland also teaches POK( philosophy of knowledge), Sociology and Modest World History. 

      Last but not least Mr. Piavis. Mr. Piavis is a very laid back and funny teacher and again many students have enjoyed his class. Mr. Piavis with a handful of students he likes to act funny towards. For me as an example when I visit his class he will say “get out” but really he isn’t being mean or rude he is just messing around. Some people can understand his humor and some can’t. I think people who pick it up and understand it go really well in his class. Mr. Piavis is a very adventurous teacher. I would say he has traveled everywhere and one place is Fayetteville, North Carolina and we talk about it because my mom is from there. I was also able to get an “Interview” with Mr. Piavis; He decided to give me some very dry answers but I expected it to know his humor. When asked “What did you enjoy about college” Mr.P says “Leaving”. Now I know he had fun but knowing his humor he will say that. I also asked him “Where is your dream place to live?” He said “Where i live now” But i think most people know he would rather live somewhere far in the country. Mr. Piavis also teaches Biology; He used to teach chemistry but I guess he would rather just teach one subject and not have a lot to deal with. 

   These two teachers are really easy to come and ask for help and are always there to help. I’m glad I have a very good and funny bond with them. I would highly recommend taking classes that have them as a teacher or recommend them because you would have a fun year with Mr. Piavis and Mr. Friedland as your teachers.