Featured Athlete: Courtney Mellon

Kaylee Woodward

Senior, Courtney Mellon has been playing field hockey for four years and plans on continuing in college.
Photo Courtesy of Courtney Mellon
Senior, Courtney Mellon has been playing field hockey for four years and plans on continuing in college.

In her fourth year playing field hockey, senior, Courtney Mellon is looking forward to another successful year with her team. Only starting her field hockey career in the fall of her freshmen year, Mellon has proved herself and her skills to be superior even to those who have been playing since childhood.

Finding inspiration from her middle school gym teacher, Ryan Burkey, Mellon picked up her first field hockey stick the summer going into freshman year, and with the help of coaches AJ Stuart and Sally Watsic she prepared for her first season on the school team. Her freshmen year, Mellon played on the best team Urbana had, ever had and they ended the season beating all of the previously set records.

In her sophomore year Mellon tore her ACL during one of her first games which ended up putting her out for the rest of the season.

Last year Mellon was on the first team at Urbana that made it to the state semi-finals. Mellon said her main goal for the team this season is to win regionals again. As for personal goals, she said that she hopes to be a good leader along with the other two team captains, and that she hopes to make all-area again this year.

Mellon is one of three varsity captains. Coach AJ Stuart said, “Courtney may not be as vocal, but she is the most skilled field player we have and she leads by example.”

To help prepare for this season Mellon, along with her other teammates played on a summer league team. Along with summer league, they had drop-ins which were held until tryouts in early August. Along with high school field hockey and club field hockey, Mellon plays rec basketball and is planning to play tennis in the fall. In order stay on top of school along with practices and games, Mellon said, “I always get my homework done immediately after practices, and I like to plan out my week so I have time to get everything done.”

After this season Mellon said she hopes to play in college, possibly Division 2 or Division 3. Stuart said, “I hope she continues to play at the next level; she definitely has the ability to.”

As for this season Stuart has high hopes for Mellon. Stuart expects her to be one of the top players and the top goal scorer in the county, as well as leading the team to many championship wins.

Mellon is looking forward to a lot of wins and championships this season, but when asked the one thing she was most excited for, she said, “I can’t wait to spend my last year playing alongside my best friends.”