Soccer Coach Success Story

Chris Breitsameter

The boys varisty soccer team celebrates victory before preparing for state semis.
Coach Ryan Hines
The boys varisty soccer team celebrates victory before preparing for state semis.

The Varsity boys’ soccer team has had a lot of success over the last 5 years. Led by Coach Scott Schartner, The team has had a lot of success.

Schartner, a big fan of the game, played at York College at the collegiate level. Schartner wanted to be a teacher, so he got his degree in elementary education and started teaching students in elementary school.

Because Schartner wanted to stay around the game of soccer, he decided to become a coach, and when he had heard the job at Urbana High had opened, he took it as fast as possible. Schartner joined the UHS coaching staff in 2004. From 2009 – 2013 he has lead the team to an overall record of 78 wins 14 losses, and 2 ties. There have also been 4 trips to state finals the last 5 years although Schartner couldn’t seem to top the season off with a state championship until last year when he led his team to a 20-0 season and finally that State championship that he and his team had been looking for.

Schartner has had a lot of assistant coaches to help him with his teams. A couple of years he has had his father, his brother, and former Spanish teacher Chris Staub help, while the last two years he has had Don Barry, a very experienced coach who played at the Mount , and another assistant coach, Brian Kukucka, an experienced coach who played at Frostburg State University.

Junior Colin Andersen said, “I really admire how Schartner can have fun and joke around with us all the time, but when it comes down to business he’s all seriousness and he knows how to pump us up for games and keeps us in order.” His team all thinks he is a very smart and talented coach and hopes he can stick with the program for many years to come and get that second state championship.

Starting defender Michael Maier said, “I really like the way my coach can be positive all of the time he always gives us positive feedback, even when we do something wrong and it just makes us want to fix it and work at it even more.”  Maier says all of the guys like how Schartner pushes them to their full potential.

Schartner said that he most enjoys watching his student athletes develop on and off the field. He said that is his favorite part about coaching.

Schartner got his inspiration for coaching from his father. He said, “Watching him coach, and being coached by him showed me the positive impact a coach can have on an individual.”

Schartner said he learned his coaching philosophy over time. He learned a lot from his father but also likes meeting with other coaches that have the same philosophies as he and talking to them and learning new coaching strategies that best suit his team. Schartner is also currently pursuing a master’s degree from McDaniel College in Sport Science/Physical Education.