Former Urbana Basketball Star, Hackett, Strikes Again

Kendall Bresee


New girls head basketball coach, Rebecca Hackett.
New girls head basketball coach, Rebecca Hackett.

After a very long, and successful basketball season last year, the Lady Hawks were suddenly surprised by an unforeseen obstacle. Their head coach of only one year, Kathryn Linehan, decided to part ways with last year’s state finalists. The girls were stunned by her departure.

Last year Linehan led the very young and inexperienced Lady Hawks to their first state final appearance in 14 years.  Controlling the game through three grueling quarters, in the end the Hawks found themselves only 4 points short of the state title.

However, standing alongside the Hawks as an assistant for many years was Coach Rebecca Hackett. Already having plenty on her plate, she stepped up and accepted the offer to be the new head coach. Taking on the responsibilities of being a mom, teacher, and now head basketball coach is hard but she said, “I have a great support network. My husband has encouraged me to take on this new role and my family has offered to help with anything including watching my son, Carter, and coming to games. The team is also blessed to have a very supportive group of parents and community.”

The community comes out to most of the Lady Hawks games, even the away ones. There were a huge number of fans that drove 45 minutes to see their very own Lady Hawks fight for the state championship title.

The team has no doubt they will make it back to Towson University, under Coach Hackett.

“Since the team has a good relationship with Coach Hackett already I feel we will make it just as far, if not win it all,” said senior guard Hannah Mills.

“[The team is] Very excited that she will be our new head coach because she has been around for so long. She is a great player who knows the game very well and we all respect her very much as a coach,” said senior point guard Madeline Cederahl.

Fourteen years ago Hackett herself played for the state championship game, losing by one point. When asked about the transition from being a star player to being a head coach she simply said, “The big difference is that I do not get to wear a uniform. I would have enjoyed playing alongside Kendall, Regan, and Maddie.”

The Urbana girls’ basketball team has what looks like a very successful season ahead of them, with many returning varsity players, and they are looking forward to what Coach Hackett will bring to the table as the new head coach of the Lady Hawks.