WWE Extreme Rules 2021 results and review


William Houghton, Reporter

Extreme Rules is a WWE pay-per-view usually known for its matches with crazy stipulations, however, this year the only match with a stipulation was the main event between Finn Balor & Roman Reigns. This strange decision means that the main event needed to be a classic, and some of the undercard had to be entertaining, even without stipulations or many crazy storylines.

After Liv Morgan beat Carmella in a generic kickoff match, the actual pay-per-view began, and The New Day headed to the ring to fight against Bobby Lashley, Omos & Styles. This was a good match to start of the show, nothing that special about it, but a New Day win was a good way to get the excited early. 

Afterwards, the Smackdown tag team championships were on the line when the Usos fought the Street Profits. This match went how you’d expect it too. It was back and forth, you didn’t know how was going to win the match until the last second, the crowd was loud, ext. The Usos managed to retain their titles when they hit a double splash from the top rope to end a solid match.

Next was the Raw Women’s Championship between Charlotte and Alexa. Charlotte overpowered her challenger for most of the match, an while Alexa had some sparks of offense, and even nearly hit a Twisted Bliss to win the match, Charlotte was able to walk away with the win in a mediocre match. Afterwards, Charlotte destroyed Alexas haunted doll, Lilly, setting up for a potential rematch.

Sheamus vs Hardy vs Priest was next for the US title. This match was hurt by a slow start and some failed moves, but an exciting ending & a Priest win set up a rematch between him & Shaemus.

With the main event fast approaching, Bianca Beliar fought Becky Lynch for the Smackdown Women’s Championship. The match was one of the best of the night, with the crowd going crazy for both women. After a hard fought and long match however, Bianca was setting up for the KOD and a win. Sasha Banks then returned, sneaking into the ring and beating up both women, ending the match in a disqualification.

The payperview ended with a much anticipated main event between Roman Reigns and “The Demon” Finn Balor. The match began with a couple hard hitting moves and near falls, before things got extreme. Both competitors began hitting each other with kendo sticks and chairs as the crowd went crazy. Slow to get up, Roman Reigns then put on a mask and fought the demon throughout the crowd, a really cool reminder that things aren’t completely normal yet, especially for a cancer survivor like Roman. After a few more minutes of hard fought fighting, the Usos got involved and tried to beat Finn up, only to get thrown around, making time for Roman to spear Finn through a barricade. With both fighters down and the crowd going crazy, the match got weird. Balor’s music began playing and the lights in the arena went red. Finn dropkicked Roman through a table, threw him in the ring and prepared to hit the Coup de Grace and end the match. The crowd was in shock as it seemed like Finn would actually win the match, when the top rope collapsed, Finn fell, and Roman hit a spear to win. A weird ending to a weird payperview.

Conclusion? Extreme Rules 2021 was a good payperview, filled with a few solid matches and a strange but exciting main event. Octobers payperview will stream during school on a Thursday late in the month, but should build on the momentum of Extreme Rules and deliver a good show worth recording.