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Michael Pickett, Reporter

This is his start of a long journey in the land of packed hallways, masks, and the strong odor of spray on deodorant, aka the 2021-22 High school school year. This is Michael Pickett’s journey as a new member aboard the Hawkeye team, let's find out more about him.

Michael is someone who has lived in Urbana since he was a kid and he simply loves the community here in Urbana. He is someone who likes to connect and bond with people in-person, because of in-person Michael enjoys this new school year and everything it has to offer, unlike the dumpster fire we called last school year. Despite Michael enjoying the bonds he creates through in-person schooling more than online, Michael still appreciates the good things that online gave him. The major thing that Michael appreciates from the online schooling last year would be the opportunity to be able to form a better bond with his mother.

Michael is the type of person to favor convenience when it comes to making decisions. A good example of this is that Micheal eats lunch at school rather than from home because it’s more convenient. He thinks it’s more convenient to eat at school because you don’t have to bring any extra bags to hold your food in, he says that just drags you down in the scary place we call “packed hallways.”

Michael is a very conscious person and is aware about things that surround him when it comes to his safety and the safety of others, he acknowledges that the hallways of this new school year are horrendously packed compared to the previous year. These new hallways scare Michael due to the fact that the Delta Variant of the Corona-virus is on the rise, to make matters even worse Michael pointed out that even though hallways are packed to the brim we continue to have full 5 day school weeks, this could very well lead to the spread of the variant.

Michael has had prior experience in Visual Arts and he wishes to pursue it. Visual arts is something that he is very passionate about, it’s as if he lives and breathes creativity when he indulges himself in Visual arts. When it comes to things Michael dislikes it comes down to two subjects, History and English, but out of the two subjects he dislikes English the most. Michael views History as more interesting compared to English in the long run and this is simply because of the fact that English has an absurd workload. He is a visionary of Visual Arts with great things ahead of him.

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