Ten Things to Do Over the Summer


Alyssa, Reporter

  1. Go an amusement park

Have a whole day’s worth of fun with friends and family at the parks. The amusement parks within our area are Adventure Park, Six Flags America, and Hersheypark.

  1. Go to the pools

Going to the pool is the place to do just about anything. You can hang out with friends, relax and read a book, or even throw a party at the local pools.

  1. Go camping

Going camping is a way to spend time with your family and or friends in nature. Some campgrounds you can go to are the Brunswick Family Campgrounds and Little Bennett Campground. An  There are tons of things that you can do while camping; you can play fun games, make s’mores, relax, or make crafts. The activities you can do are endless.

  1. Have a picnic

Make some homemade food and go eat lunch with your friends and family. Having a picnic is a way for you to catch up with friends and family during the summer time.

  1. Volunteer

Give back to your community by volunteering this summer. You can volunteer at the Animal Welfare League, the Soup Kitchen, or even for the Urbana rec teams.

  1. Hang out with friends

Summer is definitely the time to hang out with your friends. Especially seniors since you will be going off to college soon.  You have about three whole months to do just about anything with all of your friends.

  1. Road trip

Road trips are a fun way to get out of town this summer and experience different places such Salem Massachusetts or Orlando Florida. You and your friends or family can visit national parks, eat delicious food, and spend some quality time together.

  1. Go for a hike

Be one with nature and go hiking this summer. There are tons of trails to explore in the state of Maryland so go out and invite some of your friends or family with you too.

  1. Get a summer job

Getting a summer job is something you can do to occupy the time when you aren’t doing anything fun this summer. The pulse side of getting a job this summer is that you can some money to spend over the summer.

  1. Go to a concert

Have fun, let loose and go see your favorite artist with your friends and family.


Links to places recommended:

Adventure park-https://adventureparkusa.com

Six Flags America-https://m.sixflags.com


Brunswick Family Campgrounds- https://www.potomacrivercampground.com

Little Bennett Campground-https://www.montgomeryparks.org/parks-and-trails/little-bennett-regional-park/little-bennett-camping/

Animal Welfare League- http://awlfc.org

The Soup Kitchen-  https://www.cityoffrederick.com/183/Frederick-Community-Action-Agency