Selfies With Santa


This year UHS in incorporating a new tradition called “Selfies With Santa.” The goal of this tradition is to raise additional money for Toys for Tots. The contest will take place November 25th, and one of the contestants: Mr. Blaser, Ms. McBroom, Mr. Allen, Mr. Kehne, or Mr. Brown will dress up as Santa during third block.

Students will “vote” for the teacher they would most enjoy seeing dressed as Santa by placing change in containers during the lunch shifts. During lunch shifts Santa will be set up in the teacher’s lounge on the way to the cafeteria and be available to students who would like to take selfies with Santa on their way to or from lunch. There will be a tiny fee of 50 cents. Now it leaves the question, who should UHS vote for Santa? 

Mr. Brown wants to win because when UHS first opened, he was the “faculty fear factor stud,” and now he wants to transition to a kind and gentle Santa. When asked why he deserves to win, he said, “It’s a given; I like candy, so I’ve got the belly for it.” He then added that he is “the best looking teacher in the school,” and then, “I’m old, so feel sorry for me.” Mr. Brown is a hilarious teacher that will surely make you laugh. Senior Madison Hagen commented, “Mr. Brown should win Santa because he’s great with kids and has an amazing sense of humor.”

Mr. Blaser is excited to be a contestant because he loves that it’s for a good cause, and it’s also fun for the school. When asked about why he should win, he said, “I will spread the most joy during my time as Santa.” He promises that he will sing Christmas carols all day long if he wins. He added, “And everyone knows that spreading joy is really important during the holidays.” Mr. Blaser surely makes a tough contestant with all the energy and joy he will express as Santa.

All of our contestants are great possibilities and it’s almost impossible to pick one. Today is the last day to donate change for who you want to be Santa. We will see the results when one of nominees come dressed up as Santa during third block on Monday, and we can’t wait to see who wins!