Steps to Surviving the New Semester

Joey Cooper, Reporter

So you survived the first semester of the school year here at Urbana High School. Congrats! …but you have to survive another whole new semester with new challenges like new classes and new struggles with it. This article is here to explain how you could survive and thrive through the last half of the school year.

  1. Clean out your backpack. With new classes also come new work so to get prepared make sure to throw out your English homework because you won’t need that for math. With cleaning out your backpack and binder your teacher will see how responsible you are with your work space which means that cleaning will make you look good for your first day.
  2. Go back to school shopping again! After you clean out your space make sure to bring in and replace your school supplies. Stock up on everything you lost, what you need for new classes, etc. The good thing about new classes is to learn new materials, with new classes also come with new learning material for you to work on and study. Love it or hate it, it must be done.
  3. Talk to that classmate next to you. Making new friends is fun and exciting. Having friends in your classes will make the semester more bearable!
  4. Become your teacher’s favorite. You will have brand new teachers. Start learning what your teacher likes and doesn’t like in the classroom, what teaching style they use to teach the class, and what you could do to make them happy.
  5. Take a deep breath. Make sure to have fun with your new classes and work hard to make your final semester the greatest!