SpringTime Guide to Hangout Ideas

Vivian Oh, Reporter

If you want to know what is close by to do, where better to look than here!

  1. Dublin Roasters
    • A chill cafe with friendly workers in Frederick that supports local businesses and collaborates with them to sell all sorts of products. You can buy plants, coffee beans, and more- depending on who Dublin is collaborating with. If you want to hang out, but don’t want to leave your pet behind- you can also bring your dog along. Dublin sells many dog related products, and has a food and water bowl by their door to welcome their own dog that frequents the store. You can also rent out the rooms in the back for a larger group or private space to relax (for 10 dollars an hour). Check out their website here: https://dublinroasterscoffee.com/ (15 minutes from the school).
  2. Ladew Topiary Gardens
    • The Ladew Topiary Gardens has a couple of different events you can check out such as a Nature Walk and seasonal Butterfly Garden. Check out the map of the different attractions: https://ladewgardens.com/Visit-Ladew/Garden-Guide. It has award winning gardens that are perfect to check out during the spring and summer months for a fun hangout. Adult tickets are $17, seniors and students are $12, children (2-5) are $5, and children 2 or under are free. https://ladewgardens.com/ (1hr and 10 min away).
  3. Great Falls Park
    • The Great Falls park is a part of the National Park System. You can hike, picnic, horseback ride, jog, and kayak. Check out this website for more information about what you can do there, and this website for ticket prices. I remember hiking to the overlook in the picture above and just relaxing as I enjoyed my break and the nature around while I recharged. Not just that, but the trail leading to different locations was so aesthetically pleasing to be in and fun to walk along (as seen in the picture above). (45 minutes away).
  4. The Spot Asian Food Hall
    • An enjoyable place to hangout with a fun mood already set. Try eating different asian foods (poki bowls, boba tea, sushi, chinese noodles and rice) and play some games (anime merch claw machine/ toy vending machine). Pets are not allowed though. Although there is a small bar in the front, the mood is still very open, and friendly with kpop blasting through the building. (27 minutes).
  5. Target

    • I know this is not the first place you would think about hanging out, but eye-shopping in Target is a fun way to see what’s in store, and find cute things you might want. Fun runs and seeing what peaks your friends interests are always enjoyable! (12 min).
  6. BoBaPop Tea Bar Germantown
    • Want to try a new boba tea shop? Try Bobapop! Although I can’t speak for their milk teas, their fruit teas are delicious! Some may disagree with their basic milk teas, but see what you like! I enjoy fruit teas with jelly in them, try out your own fruit tea combination. (18 min).
  7. National Baltimore Aquarium
    • Don’t be fooled, although the aquarium may sound like a cold (in temperature) building, there are two, hot, open exhibits to explore. Cage free birds flying over your head as the sprinkler systems kick in at the Australia and Tropical Rainforest exhibit- which are always the highlights of my visit. Of course there are sharks, dolphins, and jellies as well to explore, and much more! Try going to the National Baltimore Aquarium for an exploration of animals you’ve never seen before with your friends or family. Ticket prices and open times are in the link: https://aqua.org/visit. Adults are $49.95, seniors and youth are $39.95, and children get admission for free. (53 minutes).
  8. Autobahn indoor go karts
    • If you want to try indoor go-karting, try an Autobahn (they also have axe throwing). Pricing can range from $30 and up depending on if you have a reservation and day-to-day business. More pricing is listed here. Although I can’t speak from personal experience, I’ve heard many good things about the activity, and it is definitely a must try on the list!
  9. Brookside Gardens
    • Gardens are blooming in the spring, and definitely one of the best places to go. Brookside Gardens is 35 minutes away, and admission is for free. It takes an hour or two to walk through the gardens at a leisurely pace, with 2 conservatories for year-round experience. Although the Wings of Fancy Live Butterfly & Caterpillar Exhibit has been closed due to pandemic issues, Brookside has told us to look forward to the 2023 year. Check out the butterflies at the indoor exhibit, or spot them outdoors all over the gardens! (36 mins).
  10. Rio
    • Check out the different shops located in Rio.You can walk on the trail, feed the ducks, eat at restaurants, and shop for clothing, skincare, or food. For a 24 minute drive, try going to Rio for any sort of hangout! (24 minutes).