Students and Teachers Go Head-to-Head on the Court to Raise Funds


The students celebrating their win on the court

Audrey Dean, Reporter

Urbana High School was abuzz with excitement as students and teachers prepared for their annual basketball game. This year’s event was extra special, as all funds raised would be donated to Heartly House, a non-profit organization focused on domestic abuse and supporting survivors.

As the gymnasium filled up with enthusiastic fans, Mr. Friedland voiced his concerns about his hunger, saying “My only worry is my belly will act up. We don’t have any food.” Despite the lack of snacks, the energy in the room was high, with students and teachers alike eager to take to the court.

Mr. Holmes, on the teacher’s team, humbly stated “I’m not that competitive” before the game began, while an anonymous student shared that “It’s more about having fun than winning” – a sentiment that was felt by many.

The night began with a beautiful performance of the national anthem by Marie Sheets and a powerful opening by Orion Carrera, setting the tone for the event. The crowd was also treated to a breathtaking dance routine by the Urbana NAASH team, who put on a stunning display of athleticism and artistry.

Sena Awudi, the leader of the STEP team, revealed that she had pushed her team members harder than ever before, saying “Normally I just act like my team members’ friend, but this time, I really pushed them.” And it showed – their glow-in-the-dark performance at halftime really rallied the crowd.

The STEP team giving a glow-in-the-dark performance

Throughout the game, the crowd was entertained with a bake sale, free t-shirts tossed around, and exciting plays on the court. The students and teachers gave it their all, but in the end, it was the students who emerged victorious with a final score of 60 to 53.

But the real winners of the night were the survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault who will benefit from the funds raised. The event was a testament to the power of community coming together for a greater cause, and it left everyone feeling uplifted and inspired.

The student versus teachers basketball game is a rare opportunity for students to see their teachers in a different light. Rather than being seen as authority figures, teachers become teammates and opponents, which adds a new dimension to the student-teacher dynamic. It’s a chance for students to interact with their teachers in a fun, relaxed environment, and it can help to build a sense of community and camaraderie within the school all for the Heartly House.

Heartly House is a non-profit organization that offers shelter, counseling, legal assistance, and other support services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. The charity has been serving the Frederick County community for over 40 years and is committed to ending violence and abuse against women, men, and children.

The event was a great success, not just in terms of fundraising for a worthy cause, but also in promoting school spirit and a sense of community.

Thursday, 6:30 p.m: the gymnasium is filled up with enthusiastic fans and the energy was palpable. The anticipation was high, as everyone wondered who would come out on top. Would it be the teachers, with their years of experience and knowledge? Or would the students, with their youthful energy and quick reflexes, take the win?

Mr. Baker taking the penalty shot

As the game began, the energy in the room was electric. The teachers, led by Coach Dr. D and sharpshooter Mr. Baker, took an early lead, but the students were determined to show their skills on the court. Mr. Cresta, the student’s coach, cheered his team on, while Mr. Holmes on the teacher’s team was content to let the game unfold without getting too competitive.

As the game went on, the tension grew. The score was close, and both teams were giving it their all. Mr. Friedland, one of the teacher players, was doing his best to pass the ball to Mr. Baker in hopes of scoring some points for the teacher team. But the students were quick, agile, and determined, and they weren’t going down without a fight.

In the final minutes of the game, Jude Huseby from the student team made an incredible shot, securing the victory for his team. The crowd erupted into cheers and applause.

And yet, the game was just one part of the event. The bake sale, free t-shirts, and halftime performances all contributed to the sense of community and support for Heartly House.

The night was filled with moments of excitement, joy, and reflection. It was a reminder of the power of community and the importance of coming together for a greater cause. As the students and teachers left the gymnasium, tired but happy, they carried with them the memories of a special night.