Gamer Moment; An Interview with Kyle Wilder [12]


Pola Kasprzak, Reporter

Video games. It’s something fun to do with friends after school to just calm down and relax for a bit. Few students really think about taking this hobby to a competitive level, but Senior Kyle Wilder decided to step up to the plate and take the challenge, creating a competitive Counter-Strike [CSGO] team, Arsch Aim, with some of his friends.

The team, consisting solely of seniors here at UHS, started out playing Europa Universalis IV [EU4], but then decided to move onto CSGO instead, finding it more interesting both for themselves and their potential audience. Despite this original genre change, at this moment, they don’t plan on expanding the group of games they play competitively. Kyle also mentioned that the team currently plans to compete in a Local Area Network [LAN] tournament for CSGO sometime in January of 2021. 

However, the future calls as well. Considering the group is all seniors, I asked Kyle if he thought the team would try to continue playing together during college. His response was simple: “If we still have time we can still game, ideally if we’re close enough together for good ping.” The group seems to have very high ambitions for their schooling considering their various conversations about it, but hopefully they’ll still find the time and the place to continue enjoying their shared hobby. 

While the team hasn’t gained much traction so far, the Twitch accounts mentioned briefly before are Kyle’s [] and Abhi’s [].

In the end, the main goal of the team remains true: “Have fun.”