Pola Kasprzak

Pola Kasprzak, Reporter

One of many seniors coming into Urbana High School for his final year, Pola Kasprzak has managed to do a lot during his four years at UHS. Their favorite subjects have been both art, due to their love of drawing and creating characters, and English, with their love of reading loads of non-fiction novels and even writing some stories of their own. His favorite courses in UHS have been computer graphics and AP US History.

Outside of classes, Pola participates in Model UN [MUN], one of Urbana’s many clubs. They’ve been in this club since their freshman year of high school, and although they don't speak much during the conferences, the ideas they bring to the table during unmoderated caucuses with their fellow delegates help to bring forth creative and truly progressive policies. He doesn’t play sports, but in his free time enjoys drawing and playing video games with friends such as Minecraft, along with the aforementioned hobby of writing.

One of the coolest memories Pola has about their time at UHS is being able to join MUN and being able to be one of many people representing UHS as a delegate for the county-wide conference that occurs every January. He’s represented Poland, France, and Monaco so far, and absolutely doesn’t regret any of his choices. As for their interest in joining The Hawkeye staff, they figured that journalism would be a fun class to join in their final year as a calmer balance for their other harder classes such as AP Biology.

Pola plans on going to college for criminology/criminal justice and psychology in order to begin a career as a criminal psychologist once he leaves college.

Their instagram is @pola_kasprzakidk, although they admit that they don't post much. And, in case you were confused about all the sudden pronoun switches, he uses he/him and they/them :]

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Pola Kasprzak