What to Get From the McDonald’s Menu


Dunja Senic, Reporter

Are you a fan of McDonald’s? Are there any menu items you wish you could try without trying? Have you ever thought about what other students at Urbana think of the food at McDonald’s? Look no further! Here are some reviews of Mcdonald’s best menu items. 

Driving off with your McDonald’s brown paper bag, the delicious smelling fumes escape and make their way to you. It’s impossible to resist picking out a fresh french fry or two. 

McDonald’s has been around since the 1950’s and since then has had many adaptations to their food. The fast food restaurant has a wide ranging menu and many elements that make it super convenient and quick to get food at. Even in Urbana, a highly populated bustling city, the drive through is always working at an adequate speed for the customers. 

The menu consists of a variety of categories whether you’re craving a full meal, a quick snack, a drink, or just a little something for your sweet tooth. At McDonald’s, you will find the breakfast menu from 5am to 10:30am. This menu consists of Hotcakes, McGriddles, Biscuits, Burritos, and Hashbrowns. Outside of this time, you can order anything from the usual menu. 

The regular menu provides food and drinks suitable for anyone. There are so many options for kids, picky eaters, healthy eaters, and coffee lovers. 

While McDonald’s may be a go-to place to eat for some, others use road trips and traveling as an opportunity to eat it. I love going on long car rides and stopping by the Mcdonald’s drive through to get through it. 

One of the best meals to get while eating McDonalds is a 20 Piece Chicken McNugget with Small Fries and a Large Sweet Tea on the side. 

One student at Urbana said, “I always get either the Spicy [Crispy] Chicken Sandwich or just a big thing of Chicken Nuggets.. Oh and fries!” 

McDonald’s is always killing it with their fries, consistently making it to the top of french fry ratings for fast food places around the nation. Regardless of what food you end up choosing, Fries almost always make their way into your order beside the main item. 

“The McFlurries and the pancakes are absolutely scrumptious” says Laila Kenney. Some have stated that their favorites to get from McDonald’s are the sweet sugary treats they have on their menu. There are tons of permanent McFlurry flavors to choose from as well as limited edition flavors when they are available. 

Even though McDonald’s is one of the most popular fast food restaurants in the country, there are some people who are not fans of Mcdonald’s due to certain menu items and how they are made. 

“I don’t eat Mcdonald’s because I feel like the chicken feels like rubber. My least favorite thing on the menu is the Big Mac because of the pickles and the onions.” If this is a problem you can relate to, remember you can always ask for some ingredients to be removed from your food.

If you are ever deciding between fast food restaurants in Urbana, remember McDonald’s is a great option!