Sport Spotlight: Varsity Field Hockey CMC Game


Lily Woodham, Reporter

Lined up in rows of twos, Urbana walked onto the TJ High School field, ready to face Walkersville in the CMC championship for the second year in a row. The red numbers on the scoreboard begin to countdown as anticipation builds, crowds start to file into the stands. Music is blasting over the speakers, drowning out the sound of passes and shots during warm-ups. 

A couple weeks earlier, Urbana played Walkersville on their grass field and lost in overtime, 2-1. Going into the CMC game the team was “so excited to get revenge and to prove that we are a better team and it was just a bad game,” exclaimed Flo Pinto, a junior midfielder. 

The nerves started to settle as the first quarter came to an end scoreless. However, it did not remain this way for long. In the second quarter, Mia Ogg scored for Walkersville. Coach Stuart for Urbana expressed that at half time she was nervous, but she knew that her team was capable of coming back to win this game.  

That is exactly what happened, Urbana stepped up their game, shut down Walkersville and was able to score two in the third quarter. After the first goal was scored, “we went wild and then we channeled this energy into focus and composure and proceeded to get another one.” Katelynn Inkman, a junior forward for Urbana described. 

In the last 3 minutes of the game, Walkerville came close to scoring another goal as they had multiple back-to-back corners. Inkman said “I was so nervous but I know that I trust my defense and the goalie and how capable they were to stop the ball.” 

As the last seconds on the scoreboard countdown and the buzzer sounds, everyone on the Urbana sideline flood the field. The Urbana parents and fans are cheering and the team comes together in excitement. “I loved the mentality of the players, just so determined to win and get the crown and continue the legacy.” Coach Stuart expressed. That is exactly what they did, with a final score of 2-1, Hawks take home the title again. 

Inkman said, “after Walkersville scored the first goal it lit a fire under us that caused us to play our highest level together as a team which we took forward to the playoff games.” Urbana went off to have a very successful season as they won the regional championship and made it into the state championship.