Mr. Urbana Preview

Kyle Orens, Managing Editor, Sports Editor

Mr. Urbana began with the first graduating class at UHS. Since the second year of its existence, money has been donated to the rock creek school. The money is collected in boxes that the 12 seniors involved carry around with them all around the school. The seniors were nominated by staff members of Urbana, and then were voted on by the senior class to be Mr. Urbana participants. During the competition, the boys compete in money boxes (how much they collect), seasonal wear, talent, evening wear and a question and answer section. They also participate in a spirit week, in which they dress up as inanimate objects, movie characters, and school spirit wear.

The whole point behind the Mr. Urbana competition is to raise money for the Rock Creek School. The Rock Creek School provides special education for students with intellectual, physical, emotional, hearing, visual and learning disabilities for people from age 3 to 21. The Rock Creek School provides a great service to the community of Frederick, so what better way to repay them than by raising money and awareness through the Mr. Urbana competition.

Every Mr. Urbana represents a month from January through December. I was able to sit down with Mr. April – Riley Jones, Mr. May – Trent Tarnstrom, Mr. July – Nick Forostiak, Mr.
November – Ryan Cooper, Mr. October – Kyle McQuillen, and Mr. December – Brian Stanley.

Trent Tarnstrom said, “It is an honor for me to be able to raise money for the Rock Creek School and to be able to have fun with my friends for a good cause.” Tarnstrom has set a goal to raise $500 for the Rock Creek School. About his performance at the Mr. Urbana contest, he said, “I’ll go shirtless if they let me.”

Riley Jones, Mr. April agreed with Tarnstrom that it will be a fun experience and was happy about being chosen as a Mr. Urbana contestant. Jones said, “It’s pretty cool, and I feel thankful that my classmates voted for me.” So far, Jones has raised $40 dollars, and has a goal of $200, but is hoping to hit it big with some businessmen that he has emailed. Jones said, “I have emailed Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos (founder of and some other big business men, so now it’s only a matter of time.” Like Tarnstrom, Jones gave little information about his upcoming performance, but said, “It is going to be
awesome and mind-blowing.”

Both Nick Forostiak (Mr. July) and Ryan Cooper (Mr. November) agreed being a Mr. Urbana contestant is going to be really fun.   Forostiak said, “It feels pretty cool. I wanted to be Mr. Urbana as a freshman, sophomore, and junior, so to finally be one is awesome and makes senior year even better.”

Cooper said, “It is an honor, I’m becoming closer with everyone that’s a part of it, and it is just a great experience.”

Forostiak and Cooper have both raised about $25, but Forostiak is hoping to get a big boost in funding and hopefully raise $300 dollars while Cooper is hoping to bump up his game and reach his goal of $150. Both Forostiak and Cooper were reserved in telling what they plan on doing for the contest.

Forostiak said, “I will probably do something Frank Sinatra themed.”

Cooper said, “A dope dance.”

Kyle McQuillen, Mr. October said, “It is a little nerve racking to be a Mr. Urbana, but it is also really exciting and a good way to raise money for the Rock Creek School.” So far, McQuillen has raised about $300, but has set the bar high for himself with a goal of $1,000. McQuillen did not want to give anything away when it came to his upcoming performance. McQuillen said, “ I cannot expose anything right now, you gotta come out on December 8th to find out.”

Brian Stanley, Mr December, was a lot like the other contestants in that he is excited to be a Mr. Urbana, but he is nervous as well. Stanley said, “It is a lot of weight on your shoulders because you represent the school, and have a huge opportunity to raise money for kids.” Stanley has raised a whopping $500, but wants to raise $500 more with a goal of $1,000. Also deciding to keep his upcoming performance to himself, Stanley said, “A magician never reveals his secrets.”

It is clear that this year will bring another great Mr. Urbana show, and will no doubt leave everybody laughing hysterically.  The main focus cannot be forgotten though. The money that is being raised and the awareness that is brought to the surface is the objective behind Mr. Urbana. It is important that we help out our friends at the Rock Creek School, because what they are doing for the community of Frederick is monumental. The teachers and staff at Rock Creek School, are the unsung heroes behind Mr. Urbana, and it is our duty to help them out.