Expectations for the 2023 track and field season

Henry Ortiz, Reporter


Spring is here, and so is the 2023 Track and Field season and the expectations are very high this season as one of them is to win regionals i asked Captain Anthony Verdi on what will it take to win regionals and he responded by saying “To win regionals it’s gonna take a lot of hard work from everyone especially our field events and we’re gonna have to start our outdoor season with the same focus we ended on indoor” so it’s gonna take alot effort and commitment to win regionals and have a good season overall. However regionals is not the only thing the athletes are focusing on, some of them just want to run and get better at running. This applies to Senior Nolan Waters i asked him what he wants to focus on during the season and he explained to me “My expectations for this season are too get much better at running so i can be prepared in the fall when i have to run in ROTC” so different people are gonna have different goals for this season. But if you are gonna accomplish those goals then you are gonna need discipline as it is one of the most important things in life as it helps us as a person stay in lane. I asked Capitan Anthony on what this team can do better and improve “I think it will take a week or two but the team can take everything a bit more seriously”. The first meet is on march 25 first event is at 8:30.  so we will just have to wait and see what happens during this season whether it’s getting better at running or winning regionals.