Social Media Good Vs. Bad

Henry Ortiz, Reporter






Social media is a very hot topic these days because of the debate that social media is bad for you which is true because i often find myself late at night scrolling through instagram wasting away the hour when i could be sleeping. From a recent study it states that “ “about two thirds of americans (64%) say social media have a mostly negative effect on the way things are going in the country today” and its very difficult to put your phone down when on social media. I will admit that i use Instagram and snapchat and sometimes youtube everyday and especially at school i am almost constantly on social media and its the first thing i go to in the morning.  also 54% of teens say it would be hard to give up on social media and i would definitely agree with them.  However on the positive side news from around the world can travel very fast on social media especially the good ones for example when a guy was skiing and he say a snowboard sticking out of the snow and realized it was a human and he started to dig him out. You may have seen this video on tiktok and instagram and youtube. Though you should not be swayed by all the nice videos that you see on social media because there is a deeper meaning to social media it is meant to get as much attention from you as possible and take you time away from the real world. So social media is not to be messed with as they are stealing your data and selling everywhere. And then all your private stuff is overexposed.”in a world where everyone is overexposed the coolest thing you can do is maintain a mystery”.