Apple Introduces iPhone 7

Tyler Nolan

appleCharlotte Brown
Apple is breaking ground once again when the company live streamed their huge reveal of the iPhone 7, iPhone 7s, Apple Watch Series 2, and iOS 10 to the world.

Many changes came to the new iPhone, such as an entirely new camera, a new home button, a new finish, water resistance, a new A10 fusion chip, stereo speakers, and retina HD display
The all new camera is very different from any camera on any smartphone. With the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s there is a whole new level to photography. On the iPhone 7 the camera is 12 mega pixels and now has optical image stabilization and a six element lens. Optical Image Stabilization comes in very handy for all you people who can’t stop shaking while taking a picture. This feature helps focus on the content being captured. The six element camera makes all your photos being shot in low light look even better than before. On the iPhone 7s camera, Apple went above and beyond, with adding two cameras, the one that is on the iPhone 7 but also a 12 mega pixel Telephoto lens. The Telephoto lens helps in two ways: you can now get a much higher quality zoom from farther away, and this second camera provides a Depth-of-Field effect. This feature allows you to keep faces sharp while creating a blurred effect in the background.  This will be great help for all you photographers out there.

The Home button on the iPhone 7 has also taken a big hit and may take owners a while to get used to. Apple describes the new home button as an “advanced solid state button.” This means the button isn’t really a button. There is nothing to push down on. The new button is pressure sensitive which means Apple installed a taptic engine that helps make this new redesigned button work.

Apple came out with a new finish for the iPhone 7 and 7s this release. You now have the choice between 5 finishes or “colors”. You can choose from Matte Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, or the all new Jet Black. This new finish is a precise nine-step process of anodization and polishing. When Apple released pre orders the night of September 13th, all Jet Black models were sold out in the first fifteen minutes available, so it’s safe to say Apple really blew everyone out of the water with the new shiny Jet Black finish.

A water resistant iPhone? Yes Apple has finally done it. With the whole inside of the phone reengineered, all buttons and holes on the phone are now sealed so that way no water can possibly get in. You can take the phone down 50 meters into water without the pressure affecting it. Although the phone is waterproof Apple recommends keeping the iPhone away from salt water and soap.

You might not be familiar with an A10 Fusion Chip, but many will love what it does to the phone. It makes the phone process the request much faster, uses less power when it’s not needed, and improves the graphics speed making it three times faster than the iPhone 6. In addition, all phone users are excited about the battery life. The iPhone 7 has the longest battery life ever in any iPhone. The iPhone 7 will provide you with two extra hours compared to the previous generation iPhone.

All new Stereo Speakers. Apple started with removing the 3.5mm Audio Jack. Apple still does provide headphones, but they plug into where you charge your phone, called the lightning connector.  The only downfall to this is if you want to listen to music and charge your phone at the same time. You will not be able to do this unless you have a pair of fancy Bluetooth headphones, but in exchange for the audio jack you get stereo speakers. These stereo speakers provide two times the audio output the iPhone 6s and an increased the dynamic range.

As you can tell Apple really stepped up with the iPhone 7 but the last upgrade they made may be hidden and unseen. Retina HD Display. Yes it sounds unusual but it makes a difference on your phone. Apple says, “iPhone 7 display uses the same color space as the digital cinema industry, so what you see will be noticeably more brilliant and vibrant. Because we all deserve a bit more brightness in our day.” There is an upgraded Color Gamut that helps the retina display deliver cinema-standard colors. Apple claims this phone is the best color management in the smartphone industry.