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3 series that deserved a longer life on Netflix

College of shows Netflix published but soon canceled.


Netflix is notorious for canceling popular and well loved shows. But are the endings of these shows ever established? Why were they canceled? And what are the feelings regarding these cancellations? Read further, and find out. 

  1. Lockwood & CO. 

This adventurous series is about three young kids, Lucy, Anthony, and George, working at a psychic detection agency where they venture and fight ghosts in England. This show was immensely popular, gaining the title of #1 on Netflix in 18 countries in only its second week of being aired. 

Unfortunately, not long after its release, Lockwood & CO. was canceled for unknown reasons after only one season. People were angry, some even reported to be boycotting the platform. Speculations for its cancellation were that it just happened to be a victim of Netflix’s canceling spree or there wasn’t enough funds or viewers.

Senior Alyssa Tyler mentions, “The worst part is that it ends on a cliffhanger and it was setting up for another season”. 

But luckly, there is an ending to this story, seeing as this series was a reimagination of the five book trilogy, there is an ending.

“I read the book series as a kid and it really sparked my love for reading and mysteries”, Alyssa Mentions, “I really think they nailed the characters”.  

  1. Inside Job 

“Inside Job” is an adult animated comedy centered around a genius working for the “Deep State”, being one out of six companies to run the world. This show was so popular that it was 8 times more demanding by fans than other shows. What makes this extraordinary is that only 2% reach that level of demand. 

But, yet again, after only the first season was released, Netflix canceled the thriving show. People were expressing their disappointment and got inside job trending on X (previously known as Twitter). Inside job was canceled due to it not gaining enough income from viewers causing Netflix to see no point in continuing the show. 

“The characters were actually unique,” Junior Jason Holman commented, expressing his disappointment, “I was really upset, It did not deserve to be canceled”.

To further the viewers disappointment, the finale episode of season one, ended on a cliffhanger and there was no confirmed ending to the characters stories released.  


  1. Anne with an “E”

Anne with an “E” is based on the story about an orphaned girl living in the 1890’s who’s finally found her forever home after jumping from one unloving household to another. There are many hardships and things she learned during the show. With Anne with an “E” reaching the top tens many times since it has come out, it was deemed one of the most popular shows on netflix. 

Not long after the release of the third season, Netflix informed the people that no more seasons would be broadcast. Many people, including Ryan Renolds, pleaded with Netflix to make new seasons. Although the reasons for the show’s cancellation was never confirmed, some people believe it just happened to be cut by Netflix but others believe Netflix’s target audience was not reached.

“Everything was so simple, right now everything is going so fast paced sometimes and I feel so stressed, and the show helps” sophomore Emily Seo mentioned. “I feel like I’m one of her friends because she talks so much even to herself, I feel like I’m there in the room with her” she further explained. 

But, on a happier note, Anne with an “E” is based on an eight book trilogy and there are established endings for the characters. Furthermore, a movie was made in 1934 called “Anne of Green Gables” based on the first book in the trilogy.   


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