Beyond the flowers and candy: Creative gift ideas 2019

Beyond the flowers and candy: Creative gift ideas 2019

Keegan Kauffman, Reporter

Running out of ideas… and money… to get that special someone a gift? You’ve come to the right place! DIY gifts are not just creative, but they come from the heart and mean so much more than just candy and jewelry. These ideas are easy, fun, and they really show the love you have for your significant other or friend.

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“Open When” Letters

Write a letter to a person as if they were sad, angry, excited, lonely, etc. Write a letter or two for each emotion you would like to give them, and put the letters in an envelope saying what emotion it is on. For example, if you were to write a letter to your significant other about sadness, this letter should include things that will make the person a little more

happy and uplifted. The envelope can say “open when you are sad.”







365 Jar

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You will need a jar, colored papers of your choice, scissors, a pen, and paint and other things to decorate the jar with. Take the paper, cut it to a size you like, write a reason why you love that person you are giving it to, and fold the paper as many times as you can. There can be as many reason as you would like, but 365 is ideal so that the person receiving the gift can open up one reason a day for a year. These folded papers can have reasons why you love them/like them, uplifting quotes, a special song to listen to each day, etc.





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Candy Jar


All you will need is a jar and your significant other’s favorite candy. For this gift, you will need to fill a jar with the candy to the top and write a note that has to do with the candy. For example, you can put Candy Hearts in the jar and write, “i <3 you sweetheart,” on the note attached to the lid of the jar. Or, you can fill the jar with Hot Tamales and write, “You’re pretty hot.” Then, decorate the jar as you wish.




Valentines Bath Bombs

You will need a mixing bowl, spray bottle with water, silicone baking mold, ½ cup baking soda, ¼ cup corn starch, ¼ cup citric acid, 1 tsp of olive oil, essential oil of your choice, and soap colorants (optional). First, combine the citric acid, corn starch, and baking soda in the mixing bowl. Combine olive oil and essential oil in another small bowl. Add the oils mixture into the mixing bowl with the dry ingredients. Use your hands to do the mixing in this part. Next, lightly spritz the mixture with the spray bottle of water (do not spray too much, for this will make the mixture fizz and will ruin it). When you are able to form the mixture, pack it into the silicone mold tightly. Then, leave to dry for several hours or overnight (might have to put it in the freezer). Take the bath bomb out of the mold and enjoy!



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Modern Mixtape

Have favorite songs together? Know a song that means something special to your significant other? The idea of a mixtape is a classic romantic gesture–it just needs an update! Make a playlist of songs that you share together. Put as many songs into the playlist that you can think of, and explore different music to use. You can use Spotify as an example. Also, give the list a sweet name that the person will understand.


Candy Bar Card

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Come up with song lyrics or a quote to use, get a large poster of any color, and candy that will fit in with the quote or lyrics. Your significant other will love reading the puns you come up with!