5 Ways to Avoid Senioritis


Hannah Wallace, Reporter

The majority of testing is over and the school year is nearly over as well. Students and staff are ready for summer. Seniors have less than a week of school left and underclassmen don’t have much more. With so few school days left, it can be difficult to stay focused and motivated.

Here are 5 ways to avoid “senioritis” and stay engaged through the end of the year:


Keep your future in mind.Most seniors who are planning on going to college next year have already been accepted and committed to colleges, so they lose motivation to keep good grades. It is important to remember that colleges can revoke acceptance in certain cases, so even seniors need to maintain a strong work ethic.



Remember what you are working towards. Seniors aren’t the only ones who can get senioritis. Juniors, sophomores, and freshmen need to remember their goals for the future as well. Keep studying and completing your work in order to maintain the qualities for colleges and career opportunities.



Create small goals to reach. One way to stay motivated is to create small goals, such as doing well on projects, tests, and quizzes. This can help by giving you things to check off of your list and feel accomplished about.



Connect what you are learning to real life. This is important throughout the school year but is essential as summer approaches. You will be more interested in what you’re learning if it relates to real life and/or your future career, so try to connect what you learn in school to something out of school in any way possible.



Stay organized. If you let your room get messy and don’t organize it, it will only get messier unless you do something about it, but as the mess gets worse, your motivation to clean it decreases. The same thing applies to school and life in general. If you fall behind in your assignments, organization, and study habits, they will only get worse unless you do something. Create a plan, organize your papers, and clean your room. You’ll feel more motivated and productive if you are organized.