October is National Principal Month


Every October, the American Federation of School Administrators (AFSA), the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP), and the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) join forces to celebrate our nation’s principals for their tireless dedication to their students and the schools they serve. This year, National Principals Month is shifting focus and using its platform to advocate on behalf of principals. These school leaders fight every day to give their students the best education and it’s time we advocate for them and with them.


The 2019-2020 school year is Mr. Kehne’s forth year serving at Urbana High for 4 years. Mr. Kehne has been a principal for 12 years at 3 different schools. His hard work among other faculty members has led us UHS to be one of the best high schools in the county and state. Mr. Kehne’s most rewarding thing to experience as a principal is  “seeing students, over time, discover subjects and ideas about which they are passionate.” He added that “their ideas and hopes for the future inspire [him] every day.” 


The part of the day which Mr. Kehne enjoys the most is the morning. He loves seeing “the contrast of how quiet our building as the first staff members arrive to school with the bustle of everyone getting to first period on time.” Mr. Kehne makes sure that every student arrives on time so that they don’t miss any class time. His enthusiasm encourages students to try hard and be on time every single day. 


We asked Mr. Kehne if there was anyone who inspired him to where he is today, he credited a former principal with whom he worked in the past. He said that Mr. Mosser “taught [him] about the importance of prioritizing the many demands of life.  Mr. Mosser always encouraged me to trust that my colleagues at school would do things to the best of their ability if I trusted them to do so, and to appreciate that at the end of every day, I have the opportunity to go home to my family.”


We celebrate principals this month because without their hard work and dedication, our schools would not be the same. Mr. Kehne is a dedicated principal who works hard every day to make sure students and faculty feel safe and welcomed when they come to school. He also has a fun, energetic, and funny side. Mr. Kehne is one of the best of many principals who work hard for our school every single day.