Do you ever wonder… How do your peers get their homework done? *Senior Edition*


Vivian Oh, Reporter

After school is over, everyone has a different schedule. For some it may mean just going home to take a nap, and then getting up much later to think about school work; maybe it’s doing activities like sports, academics, errands, or jobs they must attend to. We all have one thing in common though: homework.

The question is, how many other students follow these trends, or have their own unique mix?

After interviewing four senior students at Urbana High School, a small spectrum of habits was made.


Four out of four students had other activities before they went home. Lauren Broder said she has “work and tennis clubs sometimes.” Located in Damascus, I’m sure the ride to and from also takes important time out of her schedule! Working, whether it’s for fun or money, is draining. To add on to that with a work load after school is a whole ‘nother struggle.

Diana Portillo said she would be “picking up her brother” from the Urbana Middle School. For those who don’t know, the line can take up to thirty minutes if you don’t get to the pick-up line fast- a real dilemma for those of us who just want to relax. A struggle for parents who are busy, and students who just want to commute back home.

Isabel Chen mentions, “sometimes I have meetings or volunteering,” while Rebecca Fan also volunteers, goes to club meetings, or goes to swim practice. These two students who have taken AP class after class fit in their extracurriculars after school when time allows.

Therefore, if a relaxing time after school doesn’t exist, many of us just create it.


Before starting homework, we can choose to use some of our time for our own leisurely activities. Taking a break is right up the alley for these students. 

From just basic procrastination (Lauren Broder), or to “eating, sleeping, taking a nap, going on a walk, or reading” (Isabel Chen), many tend to start their homework in later hours.

With all these busy schedules, along with some much needed rest time, just when will the work start? Is there even enough time?


Depending on how long you relax, homework working hours can be plenty, or barely enough time. 

Isabel and Rebecca tend to start their homework around 3 PM to 6 PM; studying about 3-5 hours “if there is a test,” and around 1-2 hours without a test (on a daily basis). 

Students like Diana who do not play around after school, but start their work around 7 PM due to other circumstances tend to study for 2 hours when they can, or “whenever [they] have an exam or test.” 

Other students like Lauren can get by as long as they “try to study two days before a test”.

What all these people have in common- no matter their work habits- is that they have others who go home, and do the same thing as them. 


Even if you start homework earlier than the others, or have added responsibilities, those who must study will study. Another question is, does giving yourself a breather before touching homework work better than jumping right into it? or does jumping right into homework help clear up the mind so the rest of the day is stress free? Do other grades think the same? or do the work methods change every year? What would you prefer to do? Leave a comment on what you think!