Yearbooks are Now Available Online for Seniors: Photo of the Day 5/11/2020


A screenshot of the login from the app PlusOne, where students can view their yearbook.

Anna Rigg

While seniors will not be able to receive their yearbooks in school this year, the Urbana yearbook team has made it so seniors, and soon all students, will be able to look at the yearbook pages online. Last week when Maryland’s governor, Larry Hogan, closed schools for the rest of the school year, many students were worried about how they will receive their yearbooks.

While the school is still trying to figure out a safe way for books to be distributed when they are printed, the printing business was closed temporarily due to the pandemic, Urbana has given seniors access to the pages of the book through the app PlusOne. Students can use their last name and student ID to get access to the online book.