Shalen Maffree: Featured Musician


Grace Cillo

Musican, Shalen Maffre.

Grace Cillo

Shalen Maffree is a senior who loves music. Finding inspiration in his father who played the guitar, Maffree has been playing the guitar for nearly half of his life and plays the drums as well. Maffree enjoys his music as a hobby which he hopes to continue. His dream is to be famous for it someday.

Hawkeye Reporter: “What grade are you in?”

Shalen Maffree: “I’m a senior.”

HR: “What instrument or instruments do you play?”

SM: “I play the guitar and a little drums.”

HR: “How long have you been playing?”

SM: “About 8 years – that’s just guitar though.

HR: “Why did you decide to play them?”

SM: “Actually, I was inspired by my father, so he’s mostly why I decided to. There are some musicians who inspire me, but it was mostly my dad. He was in a band, and I thought that was cool so I thought, ‘Hey, I want to be in a band.’ ”

HR: “What music do you listen to for fun?”

SM: “Mostly like rock, heavy rock, stuff like that, but I listen to other stuff.”

HR: “On average, how much and how often do you practice?”

SM: “In a day usually up to 3 hours or so, but that’s like an hour and a half in school though. So then I get home and play for about 2 hours.”

HR: “Do you enjoy practicing? Why or why not?”

SM: “I do.  I just enjoy playing the guitar; it’s one of my favorite hobbies.”

HR: “What music classes have you taken?”

SM: “I’m in Guitar 3 now, and I’m going to SSL next semester.”

HR: “What, if any, other activities with music do you do?”

SM: “I mean I’m in a band; we play, or usually, once every couple weekends and then like a few more shows.”

HR: “Why did you decide to be in a band?”

SM: “It’s something to do. It’s a hobby. Plus you never know – you could just get famous one day. That would be nice.”

HR: “Do you plan on continuing to play the guitar or the drums after high school?”

SM: “Yeah, I do.”

HR: “Can you see yourself pursuing a career in music?”

SM: “Maybe, but it’s kind of unlikely. I’ll probably choose something a little more realistic, for me at least.”