Shelley Crafton: The Photographer


Photographer, Kayeigh Kinnelly.

Kayleigh Kinnelly

Shelley Crafton is currently a senior whose passion for photography has been displayed in and out of the classroom. Her enthusiasm for various assignments, given to her by Mr. Heller, is evident in every picture she takes.

Hawkeye Reporter: When did you learn that photography was something you enjoyed?

Shelley Crafton: Well I really couldn’t do anything else artistic and I needed an art credit so I figured why not try photography.

HR: What photography classes at school?

SC: I’ve taken Photo 1, 2 and 3 and I plan to take AP Studio Photography next semester.

HR: What did you like about them?

SC: They were with Mr. Heller of course!

HR: What is your favorite type of photography to shoot?

SC: I like to shoot pictures at nighttime when the shutter opens for long periods of time causing the image to become blurred.

HR: To what extremes have you gone in order to get the “perfect” picture?

SC: Well I put my friend, Laura Hetherington, in my bathtub. I guess it wasn’t the best idea because she couldn’t swim or breathe out of her nose so I guess that’s pretty extreme. At least the picture turned out good!

HR: Describe your favorite photo you have ever captured.

SC: I would definitely have to say the one of my best friend in the bathtub just because it was so different. I even like the portraits of Amber Murphy where she’s lying down with a blue bandana covering her nose and mouth. I edited the picture so that her eyes matched the bandana and turned out gorgeous afterwards. I even still love the picture I captured in Photo 1; it was an action shot of strawberries being dropped in water. I was surprised how well it turned out.

HR: What type of camera do you use?

SC: I use a Cannon Rebel 23i

HR: Have you ever shown your pieces anywhere?

SC: I have never shown my photos anywhere other than the school art show and to my family and friends.

HR: Have you ever won any awards for your photography?

SC: I won first place in the Photo 1 art show and third place in the Photo 2 art show. I am actually very proud of the third because I beat some of the AP Studios students.

HR: Do you plan to pursue photography as a career?

SC: I don’t think I will pursue photography as a career because it is so expensive. However, I will continue to shoot photos as one of my hobbies.