Broadway Backwards

Naomi Cuzmar, Music Editor, The Page Editor


 This year, the drama department board officers have put together a showcase that will be presented sometime mid-December. Broadway Backwards is an event hosted by the board president members of the drama club. At the show, anyone can come to sing a song that is traditionally sung by another gender, read a monologue of another gender, and perform any performance gender-swapped.

  Maria Puglisi, a board president of the drama club, thought of this idea as another event that will help the drama department raise money as well as give the opportunity for everyone to try gender-bent performances. The drama department is run solely on fundraisers and Broadway Backwards was thought of as a fun way to participate in donation and be a part of it as well.

 There will be one dress rehearsal for each act the night before the performance. The performance is to be presented in the evening. There is no set admission price as of now.

 The goal for Broadway Backwards is to get people to participate more. In other events such as the talent show and school plays not everyone can…(To read the rest of this story, pick up a copy of The Hawkeye from the newsstand near the front office or the media center)