Emma Shirey: Junior

Emma Shirey
“Describe this year’s prom”
“We kinda based the idea of prom around the idea that we wanted it to be classy but not flashy. I wanted it to be kind of like elegant in what everyone is wearing because when you have neon, which is the polar opposite of what we’re doing, you could have a lot of contrasting, it’s harder to take pictures, and it’s harder to feel as though you fit in. Our colors are white, silver and gold and all of that. We originally had begun a shabby chic, but then we evolved to this more elegant and simple idea.”
“Is there anything else you want to tell everyone about prom?”
“The name ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ has no representation of being in space, which people do think. It’s more of a representation of elegance because it’s a song by Frank Sinatra, which to me is a big deal and it’s also super classy.”