Wagner Runs For Office

Samantha Kellogg

Urbana High School's Nominee for Student Member of the Board of Education is Madison Wagner.
Photo Courtesy of FCPS
Urbana High School’s Nominee for Student Member of the Board of Education is Madison Wagner.

Being the Student Member of the Board of Education means being the voice of over 40,000 students who attend Frederick County Public Schools and junior Madison Wagner is just the student to take on that large responsibility.

Wagner has attended Frederick County Public schools since the first grade and has an impressive list of extracurricular activities here at Urbana including USAMRIID GEMS, the Solo and Ensemble Competition, both of which she has been a part of since 2012, Indoor Color Guard, Marching Band, Varsity Field Hockey team and more. She is also a part of multiple honor societies like English, Math, Science, Spanish and National Honor Society.

Wagner’s favorite thing about FCPS is that she and her peers are open to so many opportunities and programs that can help further a student’s educational path, something that you can see has made an impact on her platform.

When asked what would be on her agenda if elected, Wagner said, “An idea I had is creating an “exchange” program between schools, both cross county and through feeder patterns, so that students could meet with others of the same interest- for tutoring, mentoring, and hopefully a cultural exposure.” She also hopes to create a database so that students can easily access extracurricular activities, volunteer programs, etc. going on in the county so that they can get involved more easily. Another proposal that is on her platform is to help the Student Representatives have more than just a nominal title in their schools. She wants to ensure “that they truly leave a meaningful legacy.”

Even though she has a lot on her plate she won’t let that affect her time committed to the Board if elected. “Making the most of your time and understanding that not a minute can be wasted is the principle that I follow,” she said.

Wagner says that if she had to pick the strongest characteristic that she would bring to the Board it would be that she could give a direct opinion. “If the students need something that the board does not like, or has not considered- I would be the first one to call out their wrong. This quality drives me to ensure that FCPS students have only the best [representation],” she said