‘The Fight’ in Brittany Bostic Revealed

Kiara Lu

New author, Brittany Bostic poses with her new novel.
Kiara Lu
New author, Brittany Bostic poses with her new novel.

Brittany Bostic, a junior, has just published her first novel, The Fight. The young author has worked for over three years to write, edit, and publish the book and all of the work and effort is finally paying off. On Friday, February 12th, her publishing company, Lulu, officially released the novel on their website, making it accessible for purchase. Bostic anticipates her book to be available online as an eBook towards the middle of April at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Ingram worldwide.

Bostic has, “been writing forever.” Despite her busy schedule as a high-school student, part-time college student, Urbana High School Dance Company member, an ensemble and featured dancer in the school’s musical, and childcare volunteer, Bostic still finds time to write. Bostic says, “I pretty much never don’t do anything. Even when I am just eating lunch I have to be developing ideas. I never stop thinking about my stories or characters.”

The hardest part, Bostic admitted, was deciding if she should self-publish or get an agent. Bostic says, “Getting a publisher is extremely difficult and rather expensive.” Figuring she could do it on her own, Bostic found a company (Lulu) that could publish it online at not only their website but others as well. Months later, Bostic had a fresh copy of her own novel right in her hands.

The Fight is an action novel following the intense life of Tommie Randall. Tommie is a scrappy, almost normal teenage boxer, going to high school and living in a rich society outside of Washington D.C. One day everything changes when she comes home with her brother to find her parents dead. As Tommie is propelled into a world where bullets fly, orders are barked, and one never stops running, she and her friends must grow up fast as they unwittingly become intertwined in a terrorist act that quickly transforms into an invasion. With her world in turmoil and more questions than answers, Tommie must rely on her closest friends for help as she fights a determined and ruthless enemy.

Bostic’s inspiration for her novel came from the Red Dawn films (1984 and 2012). After becoming “obsessed” with the movies, Bostic, “decided to start a story about kids that had to fight (for) something greater than themselves.” During the writing process, she saw the story grow and become more complex with that theme in mind. Bostic was drawn to the action genre due to her interest in “high adrenaline and action-packed events,” as well as her knowledge of fighting styles, weapons and world events. Action has always come naturally to Bostic.

The story features a strong female lead. Bostic said, “I think young girls need to have real confidence in themselves and not just play it off as if they do. There is a difference.” The character-driven writer admits to having the story basically being told from the eyes of a fifteen-year-old girl. Bostic said, “I decided to write it in her tone and leave it that way, with things unedited because an uneducated fifteen-year-old doesn’t think sophisticatedly.”

Along with supporting the female presence in the world of literature, Bostic displays her strong sense of patriotism with her book. Bostic wants readers to take away “a sense of respect for what other people do and most of all respect for their country.”

“I think people don’t appreciate the country enough. If there is one thing Tommie has, it’s respect for her country,” she said.

Bostic teases the fact that there will be unanswered questions in her first novel but that they will be answered in the following sequel novels, The Battle and ending the trilogy, The War. Bostic goes on to say, “I am excited for them (readers) to read the action, especially the end. But of course I can’t give that away. You’ll have to read to find out.”

The now official author, when asked if she had any words of wisdom for other people trying to accomplish their goals, said, “I don’t think I am the kind of person that should give people advice on accomplishing goals. I believe that if you aren’t lazy and you tell yourself you’re going to do it, you can do it….don’t ever make an excuse.”

Check out brittanynoelbostic.com for more information on the author and her upcoming works. Make sure to go to Lulu.com for your own copy of The Fight.