Kiddie Hawks: Trick or Treat

Jazmin Colon, Fine Arts and Student Life Editor

 On Oct. 30 and 31, the children enrolled in the Kiddie Hawks preschool program at Urbana High school were seen trick or treating from classroom to classroom to spread some Halloween fever.
The child development classes are taught by Meri Long-Borland who has taught for nineteen years at UHS. She works with students at Urbana who have enrolled in the class and her two very dedicated interns, Rachel Blache and Hannah Bowers. The curriculum includes learning how to plan lessons, teach children, supervise their behavior, health and safety, nutrition, family life, and social, emotional, intellectual and physical development of kids.
  The preschoolers come from all throughout Frederick County are chosen on a first come first serve basis. There are two separate classes for UHS students to teach, the three-year-old group and four-year-old group. Each group attends school two days a week for 3 hours each day. Their daily routine consists of circle time, lessons, story time, large motor skills practice, snack time, lessons, show and tell and free play. On the last day of the school week, the in training teachers have a staff meeting to decide how best to keep moving forward with the Kiddie Hawks.
  A previous teacher started the trick or treating tradition when the school first opened in 1995. Many other schools in Frederick County do a similar activity with their child development classes. The Kiddie Hawks visit various classrooms throughout the school asking for candy. Teachers volunteer for their class to give out the sweets and decide on how to distribute it.
  This tradition teaches both the students of the child development classes and the preschoolers several different skills. The toddlers learn how to use their manners, how to walk up and …(To read the rest of this story, pick up a copy of The Hawkeye from the newsstand near the front office or the media center)