Halloween Brings Frightening Movies


Loren Fiscus

Halloween is a fun time of the year for people of all ages.  Whether you are younger or older, Halloween has something for people of all ages.  One of the biggest staples for Halloween is everyone going out and watching scary movies; it is the holiday for ghouls and ghosts after all.

“It is the thrill and the suspense of the movie that keeps me watching,” says sophomore Hanna Owyniec.  “Even if I am super scared while watching them, scary movies just pull you in and you have to watch the movie all the way through.”

When asked about what could make or break a scary movie, Owyniec quickly said, “The actors.  If they don’t feel it to me that they seriously could be killed by this ghost, and if it is all just really fake, scary movies are awful.”  She also said, “A scary movie is not good for every moment of the day.  You have to be in a mood to enjoy or even want to watch a scary movie.  Rainy days are some of the best times to watch them because it is already creepy and dreary outside.  It helps get you in the mindset for the movie.”

When Senior Vi Phan was asked how she knew if a scary movie was good or not she said, with a smile on her face, “If you find yourself unable to sleep for the next few nights because you keep waking up thinking about the horror movie, that’s when you know you have just watched a great movie.”

While it became painfully clear that Owyniec and Phan enjoyed scary movies, there are plenty of people out there who would rather jump off a cliff than have to watch a scary movie.  Two of these people would be freshman Emilee Fiscus and Junior JD Galuardi.

When asked about what turns Fiscus away from the horror movie genre she said, “They are so over the top with all the bloody and excessive screaming, I swear, every time I see a trailer for a scary movie over half of it is spent with the actors screaming.”

Galuardi had a similar feeling saying, “The movie characters make some of the stupidest decisions, it is painfully clear that the character should stay away from the creepy closet, yet they open it anyways and they end up killed because of it.  It is so unrealistic it is laughable sometimes.”

Fiscus was also asked if she would ever make an exception and watch a scary movie with friends on Halloween.  Her reply was, “Ummm, no.  If the trailers scared me to no end, why would I ever even think about watching it, even if I was with my friends?  That’s right, I wouldn’t.  I’ll just spend Halloween with my friends and hanging out, but no scary movies for me. ”

One thing is for sure, scary/horror movies are not for everyone.  And even though everyone does not necessarily enjoy having a scary Halloween, that doesn’t mean the holiday isn’t fun for everyone who participates in some way.  Whether spending time with friends or scaring yourself crazy from watching some horror movie, it is all fun on Halloween.