Risqué Halloween Costumes Cause Stir

Everyone enjoys dressing up on Halloween, but sometimes people cross the fashion line. Simply dressing up as a pumpkin or a mummy is normal, but teenage girls have a tendency to reveal a lot more than what is acceptable to the public eye.

High school girls often find the need to try to impress others by dressing provocatively. It is simply not okay to dress like a skank, and Halloween is no exception. Some costumes are just not acceptable, especially considering the age of the girls that are wearing them.

Wearing costumes such as the “hot policeman” and “hot nurse” do not represent you well as a person. You do

not want to convey the wrong impression of yourself to others around you.

Michelle Crisafulli, speech pathologist, said, “Young girls are dressed up too maturely. They are not age appropriate costumes.” Many high school girls wear costumes that do not represent their age well at all. The “hot nurse” costume for example, would seem like something you would find a person somewhere in her 20’s wearing, not a 16 year old student in high school. I’m not saying to completely cover yourself up from head to toe on Halloween…but just be cautious as to what you are wearing. You do not want the wrong kind of attention.

Kelly Roberts and Heather Hardy, both 9th graders, shared the same opinion on what is appropriate in regards to Halloween costumes for girls in high school. They both said, “You shouldn’t wear lingerie out, it shows too much.” Lingerie is a definite no for high school girls. You’re giving off the completely wrong impression to others of yourself if you’re caught wearing some form of lingerie out while trick-o


Jessica McBroom, media specialist, said, “A general rule of thumb would probably be that if you have to hold it down while you’re walking up the stairs, it’s a problem.”

Ladies, please make sure everything is tucked in and put away. It’s really just not cute to look like an idiot when you’re walking around. Also, when people can see that you are walking funny because you cannot manage to keep everything in your costume, it makes it look like you tried way too hard to pull it off.

Bailey Sartori, 10th grader, said, “Don’t show too much cleavage, cause I don’t wanna see it.”

I’ve seen plenty of high school girls on Halloween

, walking around with their top half completely hanging out of their costume. It almost looks like a muffin top on your chest instead of your stomach, and it’s completely unattractive and gross.

Halloween, as we all know it, is a day to dress up as something you are not; but do not overdo it. Keep it cute and fun, but don’t let people have the wrong impression of you. People will judge you on Halloween just as much as they will on any other day, maybe even more so.