Which 4 teams will make the College Football Playoff?


William Houghton, Reporter

With the college football season finally underway, and fans jam packed into stadiums, debates about what teams will end up in the playoffs this winter resume. These predictions will go over four teams that could make it into the playoffs.
The first, and most obvious team I’m predicting to make a playoff run is Alabama. The defending national champions destroyed #14 Miami in week 1, beating the Hurricanes by 31 points. Every player on their starting roster has legitimate NFL potential, and behind one of the greatest coaches in the history of the sport, very few teams will have any chance to stop the tide from rolling.
Last year’s runner ups, Ohio State, will have a great team that will make a playoff run this winter. The Buckeyes have a pretty tough schedule, with road trips to Indiana and Michigan on the horizon. Ohio State has one of the most talented rosters in the nation however, and shouldn’t have any issue getting back into the playoffs.
Oklahoma will be the third seed in the playoffs. The Sooners didn’t look very good in week 1, where they just barely squeezed by an outmatched Tulane team. Oklahoma has the easiest schedule of any team on this list however, and should be able to get things together and go undefeated in Big 12 play.
Georgia has an improved team this year, one that will make the playoffs. The Bulldogs kicked off the season with a huge win over #3 Clemson, in a 10-3 defensive showcase. Clemson was one of the best offensive teams in the country last year, and being able to shut them down as well as Georgia did is proof that the Bulldogs are playoff material. Georgia will have to play Alabama in the SEC Championship, but should get into the playoffs even with a loss in that game.
Although the playoffs only have room for 5 teams, Texas A&M might find a way to sneak into the playoffs if things go right. The Aggies have a crazy difficult schedule, with road trips to LSU, Ole Miss, and homestands against Alabama and Auburn on the horizon. The Aggies would need to beat Alabama and lose a minimal number of games in order to make the playoffs, which is unlikely, but possible.
Clemson lost in week 1 to Georgia, which will hurt their playoff chances. The Tigers still have a great chance to make the playoffs if they win the ACC though, they’ll just need to play very well and make sure not to lose a game, which will be tough, but not impossible.
Overall, it should be an exciting college football season, filled with thrilling games & familiar teams at the top of the mountain.
Who do you think will make it to the playoffs this winter?