Guin Schipper, Features Editor

The 2018 All-County music festival will be taking place on January 27. It is located at Governor Thomas Johnson High School and begins at 7:00 PM and ends at 10:00 PM. Students participating in this event come from all over Frederick County and must audition in order to be selected to perform in a concert made up of the best high school performers in the county. There will be a choir performance, band performance, and orchestra performance. At Urbana we have twenty-seven talented students performing at this concert.

Urbana High School has eight students performing in the All-County Choir performance. These students are Alison Greenlees, alto, Julia Bui, alto, Izzy Lowery, tenor, Quinn Cochran, bass, Jackie Hubbard, soprano, Evelyn Sun, alto, Ryan Gill, tenor, and Mackenzie Ford, alto. One chorus student, Annie Cromwell, is participating in All-State Choir, which consists of students from all over the state.

This is Crromwell’s third year performing in All-State. She is in 12th grade. Apart from All-State she has also performed in All-County for two years in her sophomore and junior year.  Last year, she also performed in All-Eastern in New Jersey. One thing she likes about performing in All-State is how quickly they are able to pull everything together. They make stunning music with limited practice time. (To read the rest of this story, pick up a copy of the January issue.)