Mr. Urbana 2019


Jack Corun, Reporter

On December 5th, the 17th annual Mr. Urbana competition will take place. Last year, the event enjoyed a sellout crowd at the UHS auditorium. Mr. Urbana is a popular male pageant meant to cause laughs, as well as to raise and provide money for a good cause; the Rock Creek School. The Rock Creek School provides individualized special education programs for students aged 3 to 21. In the 16 years of the competition, Mr. Urbana has raised over $100,000 for Rock Creek School. Last year alone, Mr. Urbana raised $15,604, the highest amount in the history of the competition. This month, leading up to the competition, 12 contestants from the senior class – each representing a month of the year – will carry around a money box as they attempt to win the fundraising category.

Here are the contestants. If you see any of them, feel free to donate as you may wish.

Mr. January – Jack Walker
Mr. February – Wyatt Scates
Mr. March – Nick Narvaez
Mr. April – Jackson Scheidhauer
Mr. May – Gus Franco
Mr. June – Thomas Ogunsola
Mr. July – Chad McKee
Mr. August – Noah Poss
Mr. September – Jared Burdette
Mr. October – Ryan Gill
Mr. November – Grayson Buki
Mr. December – Ryan Herman

Prior to competition night, contestants are judged in two categories. In addition to the fundraising category, contestants also compete during spirit week. Each contestant wears a creative costume for every school day in the week leading up to the Mr. Urbana competition. The competition night consisted of four categories: seasonal wear (contestants dress creatively to represent their month), the talent competition, formal wear (contestants dress in a formal manner and appear with their chosen escort, who will also give a speech on their behalf), and the question-and-answer session.

The prizes for the competition are as follows:

3rd Place: $25

2nd Place: $50

1st Place: $100 and the Mr. Urbana crown

Urbana High School looks forward to seeing you there for what should be another spectacular competition this year!